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Corona Seltzer Pineapple

Corona Seltzer Pineapple


A tasty spiked seltzer water with a splash of natural flavor, Corona Hard Seltzer is a zero carb, alcoholic seltzer water with Corona's chill attitude and premium quality. Experience this lightly fruit-flavored seltzer water that invites you to enjoy the moment, offering a day-at-the-beach feeling wherever you happen to be. A canned seltzer with zero grams carbs**, zero grams sugar*, 90 calories, natural flavors, and gluten-free ingredients, this Corona beverage offers the refreshing flavor of pineapple. Crack open a can and enjoy a pineapple seltzer poolside! 
Spiked & Sparkling Water
Year Round
4.60% ABV

Gluten Free
Low Cal, Low Carb
Cans - 24 oz
Shaker, Pint, Tumbler

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