At Town & Country, responsibility is a priority to us. We continue to host a strong and dedicated internal training program dedicated to our entire organization. It is essential to consistently promote responsibility at all levels of our business, especially to our employees. The continuous education sets a standard as a beer wholesaler on the topic of responsibility while also providing a mindset to the importance of this behavior to our retailers, which ultimately leads to our consumers as well.

Special Events Responsibility Program

Town & Country manages over fifty special events per year. We promote responsible behavior through a designated driver program at these events.

Distribution & Awareness in the Driver's License Booklet Program

Town & Country Distributors provides the Driver's License booklet at retail of which all On and Off Premise accounts are included in the program. It is important our retailers have up to date knowledge on current in and out of state identification cards and drivers license templates as well as the watch out signals to flag a fake ID or underage purchaser of alcohol. Town & Country continues to play a key role in providing our retailers with up to date information by providing this booklet.

Town & Country and

Town & Country will continue to promote the Federal Trade Commission's standards- including that the content of advertisements should appeal primarily to people age 21 +. MillerCoors is a large supporter of the Federal Trade Commission's standards. Throughout the year, we continue to focus on this communication through our digital space- Twitter, Facebook and our website. We post the on Town & Country's website and encourage our retailers to utilize this resource; especially if they have any questions or needed tips in handling difficult conversations regarding alcohol education and awareness.


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